Company History

We’re a family! Turner-Baxter, Inc. (TBI) is based on a fine long heritage. Our company had its early beginnings in 1945 when Leonard F. Turner started his painting service in the City of Concord. In Lincoln County, W. Gean Baxter was doing the same thing. Then in the early 1960s, Robert C. Baxter left his brother Gean’s company and moved to Concord to begin his own business. In May 1968, these three companies incorporated to form what is now Turner-Baxter Inc., specializing in commercial, institutional, and industrial projects in the Carolinas and other nearby states. All three of the above founders served in the top leadership capacity of TBI. Mr. Turner (1908 – 1999) retired in 1980, followed by Gean Baxter, who retired in 1984 and Robert Baxter, who retired in 1992.

Today, TBI’s leaders divide responsibility among its divisions.
• Ray G. Baxter is Chairman of the Board and President of Lincoln Operations Division. Ray is Gean’s and Robert’s brother.
• Terry G. Baxter is President of the Concord Operations Division. Terry is Gean’s son.
Other officers of TBI are
• Kenneth Baxter is Senior Vice President of Lincoln Operations Division.
• David Heavner is Vice President of Lincoln Operations Division.
And other third generation family members also are actively involved in the business.
• Michael Richard serves as Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Treasurer and Office Manager for the Lincoln office.
• Josh Baxter serves as Treasurer and Assistant Secretary.
• Andy Baxter, Kenzy Baxter, Rushy Heavner, and Todd Richard serve as Paint Foremen of the Lincoln Operations Division.

PO Box 288 • 489 Corban Ave Se, Concord NC, 28026